Hire the Right Contractor- 5 Steps to Follow

When it comes to construction projects, you should never take chances. A construction project is one of the major investments that you will ever make in life. Therefore, it’s reasonable to ensure that this project is handled by the right people. That’s precisely why you should be very keen to hire the right contractor. But, this is not easy because there are many general contractors that purport to be the best in the industry. Nevertheless, the hiring process becomes easier when you follow these steps:

Step 1: Get referrals

Start by talking to trustworthy people that have hired contractors in the past. For instance, your family members, lawyer, neighbors, and real estate agents that have completed their construction projects can help you. Get referrals from them before you browse online listings to find contractors. Read reviews and browse portfolio photos of different contractors. You can even send them a message or initiate a conversation via email or phone. You can also ask owners of the completed buildings about their experiences with the contractors.

Step 2: Check recent work

Once you have gotten referrals and checked the portfolios of some contractors, visit their most recent projects. Find out whether the styles and sizes of the completed buildings impress you. Try to compare the buildings that a contractor completed recently and the ones they completed some years ago. Hire a contractor bearing in mind that how the old building that they constructed looks is the way yours will look after some years.

Step 3: Verify licenses

Licensing means that a contractor has met all professional and legal requirements to operate in your area. Therefore, ask the contractor to show you their licenses including insurance certificate.

Step 4: Check references

Ask the contractor to provide a reference list. Hold private discussions with their previous clients. Find out whether they had a pleasant relationship with the contractor throughout the project. How was the communication of the contractor? Was the contractor honest and fair? Was the project completed on schedule and at the cost of the initial budget? Answers to such questions should enable you to determine the best contractor to hire.

Step 5: Enter a written contract

Once you have identified the best contractor for your construction project, enter a contract with them. Make sure that the contract is written and take time to preview it. Discuss clauses of the contract and ask questions have it revised if necessary. Sign a contract when satisfied with the included terms.

There are genuine, hardworking, and honest contractors. However, there are fly-by-night contractors that want to reap without sowing. That’s why you should follow these steps to hire the right contractor for your construction project. Ideally, following these steps will enable you to get value for the money that you invest in your project.